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Qualifications and experience
Scott has been involved in sound and video production for over 30 years mainly having completed his sound engineering studies in 1982, the first sound engineering course in Australia. Since then Scott has applied his knowledge as a sound engineer in the fit out of buildings with sound systems, and engineering for audiences as little as 50 to 2000 people. One of the many advantages of Scotts skills is that his experience has revolved around a specialty in resolving sound issues in difficult situations. Scott is very good at finding unique and creative solutions.
Selected Achievements (Last 6 years)

Consulted for the Windsor Gardens Vocational College in South Australia. Scott was asked by the SA government to overview the design of a 5 room recording studio. Scott completely redesigned the studio from the original specification. The building is Government funded project and Scott designed, supplied and installed all the recording and video systems.

Designed and installed a complete 3-camera HD video production suite for an 800 seat church auditorium for coastlands church, and trained the operators. Built and advanced broadcast suite with live recording facilities for stage. Result: Non-professional volunteers found it easy to be trained and produce a professional outcome due to the right equipment being used.

Designed and installed 8 screen video and camera system, remote controlled led light system and digital PA system to the old Night Train building. Result: Non-professional volunteers found it easy to be trained and produce a professional outcome due to the right equipment being used.

Supervised a 15 person audio/visual/lighting/ production team. Scott was approached to take over the running of this team in a 1200 seat facility for Edge Church in Adelaide due to constant problems both technical and within the team. Result: Established harmony, stability and a professional outcome for the presenters by instituting a revised approach to the many required processes.

Designed and installed Digital Pa system and remotely operated camera system with live streaming to the internet for St lukes at Hahndorf.

LANDMARK training organisation: Scott has installed all the Australian/NZ Landmark centres with sound and multi-screen video systems. He has personally trained all operators in 5 states of Australian and in Aukland NZ. Result: Problem free operation and great sound. Head presenter Cathy Elliot requested me to accompany her for courses run in Australia and NZ due to my expertise, training capability and unique problem solving skills.

Nyngen University Singapore-: Scott was contracted by NYU to be the sound engineer and provider of all sound equipment to their How To Be An Effective Leader course in Singapore. RESULT: "Best sound we have ever had at one of our training courses, with no breakdowns, Thankyou Scott, we will be contracting you again for courses in other countries". Quote for Sandra Carr Course coordinator.

Qualification Highlights
• Sound engineering
• Sound recording
• Production team management
• Video Studio design and production
• HD Video suite installation and personnel training
• Equipment sourcing and purchase for small to medium sized organisations
• Training non-skilled users to operate audio/video/lighting and to resolve problems
Scott is also a presenter and speaker.


Coastlands Project

Call Scott Georgeson  PH: 0418 822 372 Adelaide SA